“MIDA” Limited Liability Company call for open bids

MIDA Limited Liability Company under the State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan calls for open bids on purchasing in connection with the construction of apartment buildings in a 1.5 ha land plot at Academician Zarifa Aliyev street in Lenkaran city. 

The bids are held on 2 lots:

Lot-1 – construction of 9-storey 2-block residential buildings No. 1 and 2;

Lot-2 –Construction of 9-storey 2-block residential buildings No. 3, 4 and construction of 9-storey 1-block residential buildings No. 5.

The bidders are required to submit their bidding proposals in writing, signed, sealed, and put in double packing. While evaluating the bidding proposals, the following criteria will be given preference: low price, timely execution of the procurement contract, compliance of the contractor’s qualifications with the relevant works, experience in similar works, technical, financial and personnel capacity.  

Detailed information about the subject of the bids is given in the Collection of General Terms and Conditions of the Bids. Those interested may acquire the Collection of General Terms and Conditions of the Bids (prepared in the Azerbaijani language) at 85Z, Jalil Mammadguluzadeh Street, Baku City, having applied in writing, getting registered and paid participation fee on each lot to the account shown below (the coordinating person: Aliyev Vugar Tayyar oghlu, phone: (+994 12) 436-38-35, ext.239)).


Tax ID: 1701953921

“Capital Bank” OJSC, Central Branch

Code of the Branch: 200026

Tax ID: 9900003611


“MİDA” LTD                                                                              

Account: AZ18AIIB38030019440029636102

Lot-1 – 600 Manats;

Lot-2 – 800 Manats

In no case shall the participation fee paid be returned. 

In order to get the status of a contender and participate in the bids, contractors shall submit the following documents (on an official letter-headed paper, approved by seal):

  1. An application to participate in the bids;
  2. A bank document confirming payment of the participation fee;
  3. The bidding proposal (the bidding proposal shall remain effective at least 60(sixty) banking days as of the day of opening the envelopes);
  4. A guarantee for the bidding proposal, amounting to 1(one) percent of the total value of the bidding proposal – a bank guarantee (the validity term of the guarantee shall be at least 30(thirty) days longer than the term of the bidding proposal);
  5. Documents required about the contender. These documents shall include the following:

full name, legal status, Charter of Association, the country of registration and bank details of the provider of goods (contractor);

-     the contender should provide a copy of the State Report for Acceptance to Exploitation, or a notarized copy of contracts on similar works that the contender has been continuing to perform;   

-     a certificate from the relevant tax and social protection authorities confirming the absence of any overdue liabilities on taxes and other obligatory payments in the Republic of Azerbaijan;

-     a copy of the financial statement on the contender’s activities in the course of the last 1(one) year, issued by the tax authority;

-     a bank certificate on the contender’s financial status for the last 3(three) years;

 -    information about the qualifications of the contender (such information shall be submitted in the documents and forms required in the Collection of General Terms and Conditions of the Bids);

Other documents: in case of foreign companies participating in the bids, documents confirming existence of their representative office in Azerbaijan.

The contenders should submit the documents indicated in Items 1, 2 and 5 before November 22, 2021 to the Bidding Commission. The bidding proposal of any bidder failing to submit any of the abovementioned documents, or not meeting the requirements concerning the qualification characteristics shall not be accepted. 

The contenders should submit their bidding proposals (signed, sealed, and in a double packing) before 14:00 on November 30, 2021, to the abovementioned address. Any envelope submitted later than the abovementioned date will be returned. The envelopes with bidding proposal will be opened at 14:00 on December 01, 2021, at “MIDA” LTD.

 The Bidding Commission

State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

© 2021

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