“MİDA” Limited Liability Company call for open bids

“MIDA” Limited Liability Company under the State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan calls for open electronic bids on purchasing in connection with internal and external gas supply of the residential complex constructed on an 18.81ha territory west of Hovsan settlement, Surakhany district, Baku city.

The bidders are invited to enter the single Internet portal (PORTAL) of state procurement at https://www.etender.gov.az/ using their electronic signatures in order to get detailed information about the bids. To execute the contract, the bidders should possess necessary financial and technical capacities. Those organizations that are willing to participate in the bids may present their proposals on the competition through the PORTAL, having paid the established participation fee. 

Participation fee:  400 (four hundred) Manats

Bank details to pay the participation fee:

Tax ID: 1701953921

“Capital Bank” OJSC, Central Branch

Code of the Branch: 200026

Tax ID: 9900003611


“MİDA” LTD                                                                                 

Account: AZ18AIIB38030019440029636102

In no case shall the participation fee paid be returned

In order to participate in the bids, contenders shall submit the following documents:

  1. a contender’s full name, legal status, Articles of Association, the country of registration, and address and bank details;
  2. a bank document confirming payment of the participation fee;
  3. The bidding proposal (the bidding proposal shall remain effective at least 30(thirty) banking days as of the day of opening the envelopes);
  4. a guarantee for the bidding proposal, amounting to 1(one) percent of the total value of the bidding proposal – a bank guarantee (the validity term of the guarantee shall be at least 30(thirty) days longer than the term of the bidding proposal);
  5. a certificate from the relevant tax and social protection authorities confirming the absence of any overdue liabilities on taxes and other obligatory payments in the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  6. a copy of the financial statement on the contender’s activities in the course of the last 1(one) year, issued by the tax authority;
  7. a bank certificate on the contender’s financial status for the last 1(one) year;
  8. Other documents defined by the contender.

Documents should be drawn up in the Azerbaijani language (bidding documents in a foreign language should be translated into Azerbaijani). Contenders may address their questions associated with the bids to the Purchasing Organization through the PORTAL. The bidding procedure will be conducted in accordance with Law of the Azerbaijan Republic “On State Procurement”. In order to participate in the bids, contenders should submit documents related to their qualifications before 11:00 on 30.03.2021, and the bidding proposal and the bank guarantee before 11:00 on 07.04.2021 through the PORTAL. Proposals of the contenders will be opened at 11:00 on 08.04.2021. The contenders may become familiar with the results of the bids through the PORTAL. 

Note: Participation in the bids, assessment of the bids and other procedures are carried out electronically, through the PORTAL. 

The Bidding Commission

State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

© 2021

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