Jabrayil Residential Complex

The Total area of the Jabrayil Residential Complex, to be developed in the city of Jabrayil, will be 7.87 hectares. 

The Residential Complex consists of 33 buildings, including 7 five-storied and 26 four-storied. These buildings will, in total, accommodate 712 apartments, including 8 one-room, 136 two-room, 8 two-room of studio type, 392 three-room, and 168 four-room apartments. Area of the one-room apartments will be 45 to 50 m2, two-room apartments 55 to 90 m2, two-room apartments of a studio type 98-100 m2, three-room apartments 90 to 108 m2, and four-room apartments 110 to 120 m2. 


All apartments will be commissioned with interior finishing completed, provided with kitchen furniture, and gas oven, water, gas, and electricity meters, and heating by a centralized boiler system. 

The complex will consist of 6 blocks. Social and household facilities, underground and over-ground car parking lots, as well as resting corners, child entertainment, and sports grounds will be commissioned on the territory. 


State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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