Lankaran Residential Complex

Lankaran Residential Complex - another project of the State Housing Development Agency - is located at the address of 303, Academician Zarifa Aliyeva Street. The total area of the residential complex is 1.5 hectares. 

The residential complex is comprised of 5 nine-storied buildings. A total number of the apartments in these buildings will be 240, of which, 32 apartments are of a studio type, 36 two-room, 104 three-room, and 68 four-room apartments. 

The area of the studio - type apartments will be 40.1 m2, two-room apartments 57.68 - 57,70 m2, three-room apartments 72.82 – 76.74, and four-room apartments 98.7 – 114.61 m2. 

All apartments will be offered to citizens with completed interior finishing, provided with kitchen furniture. 

Along with the residential buildings, there will also be child playgrounds, spacious yards for people’s rest, as well as green zones on the territory. 


State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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