The second phase of the Hovsan Residential Complex

 The second phase of the Hovsan Residential Complex, another project of the State Housing Development Agency, is located west of Hovsan settlement, Surakhany district, Baku city. Total area of the residential complex is 18.81 hectares. 


The residential complex consists of 60 buildings, which of them 36 are nine-storied and 24 twelve-storied.  These buildings will accommodate 2950 apartments, altogether; of them, 192 being of a studio type, 414 two-room, 1722 three-room, 606 four-room, and 16 five-room apartments. Area of the studio-type apartments is 39.30 square metres, with two-room apartments being 54.50 square metres, three-room apartments 74.73 to 77.00 square metres, four-room apartments 99.13 to 114.70 square metres, and five-room apartments about 157.14 square metres. 

All apartments will be handed over to citizens with completed interior finishing, provided with kitchen furniture. 

Along with residential buildings, construction and commissioning of social and household objects, child playgrounds, two-storied kindergartens for 240 children, and a three-storied secondary school for 1920 pupils are planned on the territory. 



State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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