Affordable apartments being constructed in Sumgait city

Another project of the State Housing Development Agency is located at Block 41, Sumgait city.  Total area of the territory where the project is being implemented is 0.76 hectares. 

Being constructed in Sumgait city, the project consists of 2 nine-storied two-block buildings. 144 apartments will be in these buildings, of which, 18 apartments are one-room, 18 studio type, 72 two-room, and 36 three-room apartments. Area of the one-room and studio-type apartments will be about 35 square metres, with two-room apartments being about 56 m2, and three-room apartments being about 74 m2. All apartments to be offered to citizens will be provided with kitchen furniture, gas oven and an individual heating system (including the heating device), as well as water, gas and electricity meters, with the interior finishing works completed. 

Along with the construction of residential buildings, an engineering and communication system will be built on the territory, greenery planting and improvement works carried out, and a football pitch created. 

All works are intended to be completed till the end of 2020. 



State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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