For the attention of citizens!29/12/2022

In accordance with the changes made to the “Rules on granting a mortgage credit at the expense of the Mortgage and Credit Assurance Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan, including affordable mortgage credit” by Order No.1886, dated 24.11.2022, of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan,  the existing categories of citizens eligible to receive a mortgage credit and acquire an apartment being at the disposal of the State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan on preferential terms were given in a new wording.  

By the relevant change, the existing category named “A member of a martyr’s family (husband/wife, children)” being a member of a young family (A young family – a family formed by a marriage of persons aged 35 and less, as well as single parents aged 35 and less who support at least one child) has been replaced by “martyr’s children”, while the existing category named “A Hero of the Patriotic War of the Republic of Azerbaijan(him-/herself, husband/wife, children)” was replaced by “Children of a Hero of the Patriotic War of the Republic of Azerbaijan” andthe existing category named “A National Hero of Azerbaijan (him-/herself, husband/wife, children) by “Children of a National Hero of Azerbaijan”.  

Moreover, categories such as “a member of a martyr’s family (husband/wife)”, “A hero of the Patriotic War of the Republic of Azerbaijan” (him-/herself, husband/wife)” and “A National Hero of Azerbaijan (him-/herself, husband/wife)” were added to the list of “Other persons regardless of age and family status”.

With a view to executing this Order of the President, necessary changes and improvement works were performed by the State Housing Development Agency in the “Affordable Housing” Electronic System, and documents to be submitted by citizens falling under these categories were determined.  The List of the documents are given in the section “Who can acquire an affordable housing” on the homepage of the websites and

Such persons may apply, as of 29.12.2022, through the “Affordable Housing” System created in the “Electronic Government” Portal ( using an Electronic Signature or an Asan Signature. 

With a view to ensuring the convenience of citizens who wish to acquire an affordable housing, answering questions associated with the use of an “Affordable Housing” Electronic System, as well as providing support to the creation of an electronic cabinet, “Affordable Housing” windows at “ASAN Service” centres No.1, 3 and 5 in Baku city, “ASAN Service” centre in Sumgait and Ganja Regional “ASAN Service” No.1 have been serving citizens. Moreover, citizens may find answers to their questions by calling “108 Call” centre from any region of the country, without visiting “ASAN Service” centres. 

State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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