The State Housing Development Agency and YAP’s Nasimi District Organization hold a joint action dedicated to the 33st anniversary of the tragedy of 20th January19/01/2023

The tragedy of 20th January, a glorious page of our people’s fight for their freedom and independence, is annually marked in our country on a high level, remembering the victims of the tragedy with deep respect and esteem. 

On the night of January 20th, 1990, the pro-armenian Soviet Army, tasked by the former USSR leadership, committed a merciless crime against civil and peaceful people who were struggling in our country for their freedom. Despite this, our fellow countrymen, armless, yet patriotic, did not yield to the force of the troops brought to Baku. 

This year, for the first time, remembrance day of 20th January martyrs comes after we have liberated our lands from occupation and restored the territorial integrity.

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has always paid close attention to immortalization memory of the 20th January martyrs, keeping their names high, and improving the social protection of their families.


As in all previous years, this year, the State Housing Development Agency, in joint cooperation with YAP’s Nasimi District Organization, arranged an action of support dedicated to the anniversary of the tragedy of 20th January, too. During the action, 18th January martyrs’ families and disabled people were paid a visit and support in the capacity of food products were delivered to them. A meeting was held, at YAP’s Nasimi district organization, with some of the 20th January veterans and martyrs’ families, following the rules of quarantine.  The action covered 20 martyrs and veterans’ families residing in Nasimi district. 


State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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