The Ganja Residential Complex to be soon offered to citizens20/09/2021

 An announcement is soon going to be placed in connection with the sale of apartments on preferential terms at the Ganja Residential Complex, which is another project of the State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the region. This project is the first residential complex constructed by the Agency in the region. 

Located on a 6.23-hectare territory at Azerbaijani Flag street in Ganja city, the project consists of 18 buildings, of which 12 are nine-storied and 6 twelve-storied buildings. There are a total of 986 apartments, of which 48 are one-rooms, 68 studio-types, 318 two-rooms, 466 three-rooms, and 86 four-rooms apartments. 

Offered to citizens on preferential terms, all the apartments are complete with interior finishing works, provided with kitchen furniture (including a gas oven and an aspirator), an individual heating system (combi, including the device), as well as water, gas and electricity meters. An “Excerpt from the state register of immovable property on state registration of rights” will be provided to residents at the moment they acquire their apartments. 

Along with residential buildings, a secondary school building for 1176 pupils and a kindergarten for 125 children were constructed on the territory. The secondary school building was commissioned last year.

As with all other projects of SHDA, greenery planting and improvement works were carried out also on the territory of the Complex constructed in Ganja city, and recreation corners were created for residents, spacious yards and child playgrounds commissioned.

A videoclip made about the Ganja Residential Complex is presented to your attention. 

State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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