The website of Affordable Housing in Sumgait has been launched07/07/2021

The website and its mobile version, which provides detailed information on Affordable Housing in Sumgait, the next project of the State Agency for Housing Construction of the Republic of Azerbaijan, have been launched.

This is the Agency's first project in the region, and the sale of apartments will be announced soon.

The website, developed in accordance with the “Rules of acquisition by citizens of apartments being at the disposal of the State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan on preferential terms”, is distinguished by ease of use and functionality, as well as easy access to information and find answers to questions related to the project. As the website has a mobile version, it will allow users to use the website more flexibly.

The launched website provides everyone with the opportunity to get detailed information about discounted apartments in Sumgait. Everyone entering the page will be able to get acquainted with the areas of the inner and outer perimeter of affordable housing in Sumgait, the number of rooms, the general plan of the construction site through the menu consisting of 5 main sections.

At the same time, it is possible to get detailed information about the factors that are taken into account when designing affordable housing in Sumgait, the conditions created for the comfort of residents, the repair of apartments, the construction materials used.


The website also provides links to relevant pages to get information about who are entitled to an affordable housing, the procedure for applying for them, possible payment methods, agent banks cooperating with MIDA and other necessary information of interest to citizens.

Users will be able to get information about the plan, area, interior design and type of repair of each apartment in the “Apartments” section of the website. For the first time in this project, studio-type apartments will be offered to citizens.

It should be noted that the project, located on Zamina Hasanova Street in Sumgait, consists of 2 nine-storey 2-block residential buildings. There are a total of 144 apartments in these buildings. Of these, 18 are one-room, 18 are studio-type, 72 are two-room and 36 are three-room. All apartments are provided with “Extract from the state register of real estate on state registration of rights.”

Along with the construction of residential buildings in the area, gardening and landscaping work was carried out, recreation areas were created for residents, as well as a basketball court for children was put into operation.

The sale of affordable housing in Sumgait will be announced soon, and citizens who have an electronic cabinet in the “Affordable Housing” system will be able to choose apartments through the system, regardless of the registration date and serial number.



State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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