Samples of interior finishing of affordable apartments in Sumgait city are presented05/07/2021

Following the Rules of acquisition by citizens of apartments being at the disposal of the State Housing Development Agency, approved by Order No.1113 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, dated 16.11.2016, on preferential terms, affordable apartments in Sumgait city    will be offered to citizens with interior finishing works completed, and ready for use. 

As with other projects of the Agency, in the affordable apartments in Sumgait city too, interior finishing works have traditionally been performed in two ways. The types of interior finishing works differ by design and selection of colour. Interior finishing works have been performed using high-quality construction materials, complying with construction standards. 

The apartments will be commissioned with the kitchen furniture, an individual heating system (including the combi device), gas, water and electricity meters provided. At the same time, each apartment has been provided with communication, TV and Internet lines. 

With the purpose of preparing for the sale of affordable apartments in Sumgait city, a video-trailer has been prepared by the Agency, presenting views of apartments. The video-trailer can be seen on the homepage of the Agency’s website, through the link “samples of interior finishing”

A webpage with detailed information about the affordable apartments in Sumgait city will be commissioned soon. By entering into the page, you will be allowed to receive information about the technical features of each apartment, materials used in the interior finishing works, as well as the infrastructure created on the territory.  


State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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