Categories of citizens eligible to acquire affordable housing was extended12/05/2020

In accordance with the changes made to “The Rules of granting mortgage credits, including mortgage credits on preferential terms, at the cost of the Mortgage and Credit Insurance Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan” by Resolution No.1016, dated 07.05.2020, of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan,  one of the existing categories of citizens entitled to receive a mortgage credit on preferential terms and acquire apartments being at the disposal of the State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan were extended, and one more category has been added. 

So, the category called “a person who has worked at least 5 years at a state comprehensive secondary school as a teacher” is extended, covering “persons who has worked at least 3 years at a state educational establishment as a teacher”. By this change, in addition to lowering the seniority (time record) from 5 to 3 years for teachers-members of a young family (a young family means those families formed as a result of a marriage of persons under 35 years of age, as well as single parents under 35 with at least one child under their guardianship), not only teachers who are employed at a comprehensive secondary schools, but also teachers working at educational establishments who are members of a young family are entitled to acquire an affordable apartment. 

In accordance with Item 12.14 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Comprehensive Secondary Education”, following types of educational establishments exist:

Moreover, the category “a person who has works at least 15 years at a state general education establishment as a teacher” was added. Citizens included in this category may benefit from the right of acquiring an affordable housing regardless of their age and family status. 

With a view to executing this Resolution of the President, necessary amendments and improvements were made to the electronic system “Affordable Housing” by the State Housing Development Agency in the course of the period past, and documents to be submitted by persons of that category were established. The list of these documents are provided in the section “Who can acquire an affordable housing” on the homepage of the website and    

Persons related to both categories may apply as of 12.05.2020 using the Electronic Signature or Asan Signature via the system “Affordable Housing” created on the electronic portal “Electronic Government”  ( Persons, who have obtained an electronic cabinet by getting registered in the system “Affordable Housing” will have the same rights during the selection of apartments as those citizens related to other categories who had obtained electronic cabinets earlier. 

It should be noted that, in order to ensure the comfort of the citizens willing to own an affordable housing, answer questions associated with the use of the electronic system “Affordable Housing”, as well as providing assistance in creation of an electronic cabinet, “Affordable Housing” windows are serving citizens at “ASAN Service” centres No.1, 3 and 5 in Baku city, “ASAN Service” Centre in Sumgait, and “ASAN Service” Centre in Ganja city. Moreover, citizens may receive answers to their questions by calling “108 Call centre” from any region of the country, without coming to “ASAN Service” centres.

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