A web-page of the Hovsan Residential Complex is commissioned28/04/2020

The web-page hovsan.mida.gov.az and its mobile version, where detailed information is provided about the Complex, were commissioned with a view to preparing for a sale of affordable apartments at the Hovsan Residential Complex-another project of the State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 

Prepared in accordance with the “Rules of acquisition by citizens of apartments being at the disposal of the State Housing Development Agency on preferential terms”, the portal is notable for being easy-to-use and functionality, including easiness of getting information and finding answers to questions that may arise in connection with the Complex. And the fact that the webpage has its mobile version will ensure flexibility of benefiting from the possibilities of the site by users. 

The newly commissioned webpage ensures for everyone to get detailed information about the Hovsan Residential Complex. Everyone who enters the page will be able to become familiar, through the menu made of 5 sections, with each building of the Hovsan Residential Complex, areas of the apartments on the interior and exterior perimeters, number of rooms, and the general layout of the construction area. 

Moreover, detailed information may also be obtained about the special factors that have been a focus of attention while designing the Hovsan Residential Complex, conditions provided for the comfort of the residents, interior furnishing of apartments, as well as the construction materials used. 


Links to relevant pages are also provided on the website about persons eligible to acquire an affordable housing, the rule of applying by such persons, possible methods of payment, agent banks cooperating with SHDA, as well as other necessary information that citizens may be interested in.

The section “Apartments” of the page will be activated after an announcement is made in connection with the sale of apartments at the Hovsan Residential Complex. Users will be enabled to get information in this section about the layout of each apartment, its area, example of its interior, and the type of interior finishing.

An announcement will be made soon in connection with the sale of apartments at the Hovsan Residential Complex, and those citizens who have an electronic cabinet in the “Affordable Housing” System can select apartments through the system regardless of the date of registration, and the index number.


State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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