Examples of interior finishing in the Hovsan Residential Complex is presented18/02/2020

Apartments in the Hovsan Residential Complex will be offered to citizens with the interior finishing works completed and ready for use, in accordance with the “Rules of acquisition by citizens of apartments being at the disposal of the State Housing Development Agency on preferential terms” approved by Order No.1113 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 16.11.2016. 

As was with the Yasamal Residential Complex, interior finishing works in apartments in the Hovsan Residential Complex were performed in two types. Types of interior finishing works differ from each other by design and selection of colour. All interior finishing works have been performed using high quality construction materials, and in accordance with construction standards. 

To be sold on preferential terms, the apartments will be handed over to their future owners with kitchen furniture, individual heating system (including the “combi” heating device), as well as water, gas and electricity meters installed. At the same time, each apartment has been provided with communication, TV and Internet lines. 

Samples of interior finishing are presented within the works performed with the purpose of selling first apartments by the Agency in the Hovsan Residential Complex. A video trailer presenting views of the apartments with a completed  interior finishing can be seen on the website of the Agency www.mida.gov.az, and via the link “samples of interior finishing” on the homepage.  

A website is expected to be commissioned soon, which will contain detailed information about the Hovsan Residential Complex. By entering the webpage, you can receive information about the technical characteristics of each apartment, its interior finishing and construction materials used, as well as the master plan and the infrastructure created in the territory.

State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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