A report-back meeting held at the State Housing Development Agency dedicated to the results of its activities during 201914/01/2020

A report-back meeting, dedicated to the results of the last year and issues facing ahead, took place in the administrative building of the State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, January 10, 2020. 

Opening the meeting with an introduction speech, chairperson of the State Housing Development Agency’s Board of Directors, Sadig Sadygov gave information about the main directions of the organization’s activities in 2019. The chairperson informed that large-scale projects successfully implemented under the leadership of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, state programmes adopted for multilateral development of Azerbaijan have been greatly impacting continuous and dynamic development of the economic, political and other spheres in the country. Emphasizing that strengthening of the population’s social defence, improving their housing conditions were significant directions of the state policy, Sadig Sadygov underscored that there were a number of important events in  2019 in the activities of the Agency. 

It was informed that 5 sales of apartments were carried out in 2019 at the Yasamal Residential Complex, the first project of the Agency, through the “Affordable Housing” System over the portal “Electronic Government”  (www.e-gov.az), whereby, 1112 families owned apartments. In general, out of 1634 apartments   in the Yasamal Residential Complex that were at the disposal of the Agency, 1390 have been so far acquired by citizens on preferential terms. 514 of the citizens, who have owned apartments purchased them at their own cost, while 876 families acquired them using a mortgage credit on preferential terms.  All apartments were handed over to their owners with interior finishing works completed, provided with kitchen furniture, individual heating system (including “Combi” device, a heater), water, gas and electricity meters.  At the moment, legalization of the apartments remaining in the said residential complex is going on. 

Construction of the Hovsan Residential Complex, the second project of the Agency, of which foundation was laid with participation of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and First Vice-president Mehriban Aliyeva in 2017, was completed over the course of the last year. 

Moreover, with a view to fulfilling the tasks set by the President on creating conditions for citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan to own affordable housing, constructions of apartments are continued in a 15.4 hectare-area in Yasamal district for 2202 apartments, and in a 0.75 hectare-area in Sumgait city for 144 apartments. A 6.23 hectare-area in Ganja city has also been put at the disposal of the Agency for the construction of apartment buildings. Construction works will be launched in the area after the design and development works are over. 

One of the significant events in the activity of the Agency was the changes made to the “Rules of acquisition by citizens of apartments being at the disposal of the State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan on preferential terms” by Order No.469, dated 14.01.2019, of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.  Innovations include also obtaining by a person who has been given an electronic cabinet in the “Affordable Housing” System of a preliminary consent by applying to an agent bank, creation of conditions for those who could not choose an apartment within the terms of sales of apartments to purchase an apartment in the order of waiting, and announcement of sales for those willing to buy an apartment using their own cash.  To date, 46 out of the persons who have legalized the purchase and sale of apartments were those who chose them in the order of waiting. 

Last year is remembered by significant events associated with the approval of a copyright for the “Affordable Housing” System. As the “Affordable Housing” System is effective in terms of functionality and unique (innovative) on an international level, works were launched in connection with the registration of the system’s intellectual property rights (trade mark, a copyright and patent).  Firstly, an official request was sent to the Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan to seek registration of the System’s trade mark, and by a Resolution of the Supervisory Board of the Centre for Patent and Trade Marks Expert Examination under the Agency, the trade mark of the “Affordable Housing” System was approved in 3 languages (Azerbaijani, Russian and English). Also, having registered the copyright of the System, the Intellectual Property Agency has issued a “Certificate of the Work’s Registration”. With a view to registering the System’s international patent, an application was filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization, and relevant procedures were launched after the request was accepted. 

Sadig Sadygov noted that in 2019, the Agency continued its state-private sector partnership projects in accordance with the actions plan defined by the “Strategic Roadmap on the development of provision citizens with affordable housing in the Republic of Azerbaijan” approved by Order No.1138 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, dated 06.12.2016. 

Contracts were signed with the winners of the investment competitions on the construction of residential buildings in a 15.4 hectare-area along the External Circular Vehicle Road in Yasamal district, Baku city. The contracts signed stipulate some 60 million-Manat investment. Moreover, in accordance with the contracts concluded with the winner of the competition held on building phone, TV and Internet lines and provision of relevant services to the residents on the territory of the Residential Complex being constructed in a 15.4 hectare-area, and in the Hovsan Residential Complex, investment in the amount of over 1.5 million Manats was attracted for the creation of necessary communication infrastructure. In general, some 80 million-Manat investment was made into the projects implemented by the Agency within the framework of the state-private sector partnership. 

Within the framework of the programmes being financed by SHDA from the state budget, based on a state order in accordance with the Actions Plan of the Strategic Roadmap, are carried out also construction of buildings with a view to improving housing conditions and solving social and household issues of employees of state bodies, organizations, and companies. 


To this end, in accordance with the request made by the Commission established by Order No.569, dated 28 December 2011, of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On actions aiming to strengthen social protection of military servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan” in connection with providing military servicemen who have faultlessly served in the Azerbaijani Army 20 calendar years and more at the expense of the state, 436 apartments were allocated by the Agency in the Hovsan Residential Complex in 2019. This is the second state-ordered project. Before that, 77 apartments were handed over to citizens in the Yasamal Residential Complex, the first project of the Agency, based on the State Order. 

Talking at the event with reporting speeches, also other officials of the Agency gave information about the works done in relevant areas, and duties to be fulfilled.

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