For the attention of citizens willing to participate in the selection of affordable apartments on 16 and 18 October 2019!14/10/2019

Acquisition of apartments will be carried out via the “Affordable Housing” system over the “Electronic Government” Portal (

Only those citizens who have electronic cabinets in the “Affordable Housing” system are entitled to acquire an apartment. Sale of apartments are carried out both using a mortgage credit, and also at a citizen’s own cost.

The users are recommended to enter the “Affordable Housing” system using their enhanced Electronic Signature (Electronic signature ( or Asan Signature ( a few hours before the time of sale. This would allow them to determine beforehand whether or not their Electronic Signature or Asan Signature is in an active condition, as well as uploading the online signing programme into their computer.

Moreover, those people who want to acquire apartments using a mortgage credit on preferential terms should obligatorily enter their electronic cabinet in the “Affordable Housing” system and make once more sure that they have signed the decision on agreement they had received from an agent bank in the “Preliminary Consent” section.

Those users who participate in the housing selection process should obligatorily enter the code CAPTCHA (an automated code consisting of symbols) in the phase of “Selections”. The code CAPTCHA reflected in the relevant box should only be with English letters (no difference whether you use capital or lowercase letters).

State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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