Another experience program at the State Housing Development Agency successfully comes to the end04/06/2019

The State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Education Ministry of the Republic of Azerbaijan continue cooperation towards increasing knowledge and skills of young specialists to be employed in the construction sector of the country.

In accordance with the cooperation agreement signed between the Construction College under the Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University and “MIDA” LTD under the State Housing Development Agency, 55 students studying on the specialties “Design” and “Construction and Operation of Buildings and Facilities” will do practical works at the Agency, in the course of 01.04.2019 to 31.05.2019.

The primary objective of organizing this practical work is to create conditions for the youth mastering vocational education, and contribute to training high-level personnel and satisfying the need for qualified labor force in the labor market.

On the first day of the practice program, the trainees will be given detailed information about the Agency, main directions of its activity, and existing construction projects. Highly qualified specialists of the Agency and “MIDA” LTD on town-building, architecture, and construction spheres were involved in the process as leaders of the practice.

In the course of the practical works, the trainees have closely familiarized themselves with designing and construction of apartment buildings being at the Agency’s disposal, they were set practical tasks related to their specialties, and execution of these tasks was supervised.

State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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