For the attention of citizens wishing to acquire affordable housing!06/05/2019

Changes have been made to the “Rules of obtaining of apartments by citizens being at the disposal of the State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan on preferential terms” by Decree No.469 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, dated 14 January 2019.

With a view to ensuring the execution of the President’s Decree, appropriate changes have been made by the State Housing Development Agency in the “Affordable Housing” System. The service on placing the decision on preliminary consent to be obtained for granting mortgage credits on preferential terms from agent banks in the electronic cabinets of citizens, and selection in the order of waiting will soon be commissioned for citizens’ use.

430 out of 1654 apartments to be sold in the Yasamal Residential Complex, the first project of the State Housing Development Agency, on preferential terms have been purchased by citizens in the past period. Moreover, in the course of the sales conducted on 29 April 2019, selection of additional 154 apartments through the “Affordable Housing” System was completed. And 1070 apartments remaining in the Yasamal Residential Complex will be put to sale till the end of this year according to new rules. Out of these apartments, 174 are one-room, 617 two-room, and 279 three-room apartments. Next announcement will be made soon on the sales of the apartments.

The Hovsan Residential Complex, the second project of the Agency, consists of 11 apartment buildings, which would provide 2962 families with housing. Out of the apartments, 280 are one-room, 1401 two-room, 980 three-room, and 301 four-room apartments. Out of the seven-storied buildings in the complex, construction and assembling works on 6 have been completed, and interior finishing works started. In parallel, construction of another one seven-storied building and 4 ten-storied buildings are continuing at a rapid pace. Construction and finishing works in the complex will be completed in the first quarter of the following year, and an announcement will be placed on the sale of apartments.

Construction of the new residential complex in a 15.4 hectare-area along the External Circular Road in Yasamal district – another project of the Agency – continues at a rapid pace. The complex will consist of 40 residential buildings, with 22 of them being nine-storied and 18 twelve-storied. The Agency will put 1458 apartments at its disposal to sale via the “Affordable Housing” Electronic System and offer to those eligible to acquire apartments on preferential terms. Out of these apartments, 42 will be of a studio type, 144 one-room, 461 two-room, 740 three-room, and 71 four-room apartments. All apartments will be offered to citizens with interior finishing works completed, provided with individual heating system (combi), and kitchen furniture.

Another project of the Agency will be realized in Sumgait city. Bids have been announced for the construction of 2 nine-storied, 2-block apartment buildings in a 0.76 hectare area in Sumgait city. After the result of the bids are clear, the contracting company will start the construction works. 144 apartments, in total, will be in these buildings.

State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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