An international audit company confirms that the second selection process of affordable apartments was transparent08/02/2019

On 25.01.2019, selection of 46 apartments in buildings 1 to 5, and 128 apartments in buildings 6 and 7 of the Yasamal Residential Complex, the first project of the State Housing Development Agency, was realized via the “Affordable Housing” System over the portal “Electronic Government”, in reliable, safe, transparent and uninterrupted working conditions.

The “Affordable Housing” System has been taken under full control by international audit company Ernst & Young beforehand, in accordance with the opinions “SOC2” and “SOC3”, and constant surveillance has been conducted over the system. Moreover, with a view to ensuring the integrated activity of the system, an operational staff comprised of representatives of SHDA, the Ministry of Transport, Communication and High Technologies, the National Certification Services Centre and the Regional Data Centre of the ministry, the State Special Communication and Information Security Agency of the Special State Security Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Electronic Government’s Development Centre of the State Agency for Serving Citizens and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established in the building of the State Housing Development Agency (SHDA). At the same time, a special task force comprised of officials of relevant entities have ensured that appeals received by SHDA and 108 Call Centre from citizens are answered timely.

After the selection process was over, Ernst & Young conducted detailed analysis of all the operations carried out on the system, and on 07.02.2019, they submitted their positive opinion on the activities of the “Affordable Housing” System, and the online housing selection process.

The opinion submitted confirms that progressive international standards concerning safety, confidentiality, integrity of processes (complete, reliable and accurate), accessibility and protection of individual data (“Trust Services”, “Reliable Service” criteria), as well as purposes and principles set out in the Regulations of the “Affordable Housing” System (ensuring equal conditions in the housing selection process for all people wishing to acquire apartments on preferential terms, ensuring transparency and efficiency while considering applications, and registration of users’ applications in a real-time mode) have been followed.

The opinion of Ernst & Young Company may be seen via this link

16 out of those who chose 174 apartments put to sale in the Yasamal Residential Complex are intending to purchase them at their own cost, with 158 of them willing to acquire using an affordable mortgage credit. Among those who have made their choices for apartment, families under the age of 35 make up 41%, while others, regardless of the age and family status, make up 59%.

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