Chairman of the Management Board of the State Housing Development Agency becomes honorable guest of CEO Lunch Baku20/02/2019

Chairman of the Board of the State Agency for Housing Construction of the Republic of Azerbaijan Sadig Sadigov took part as an honorable guest in CEO Lunch Baku organized by the Caspian European Club on 20 February 2019.

According to Sadig Sadigov, the event took place due to the numerous requests of the Caspian European Club member companies interested in enhanced cooperation with the State Agency for Housing Construction. Initiatives and suggestions put forward by the Club member companies’ executives in regard to promotion of cooperation between the private sector and the State Agency were discussed in an informal setting at CEO Lunch Baku. CEO Lunch Baku participants also got an opportunity to receive answers to questions that were of interest to them.

In the course of the business forum Sadig Sadigov was presented an honorary membership certificate of the Caspian European Club.



State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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