The State Housing Development Agency under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan studied the Turkey’s expertise12/05/2016

Mr.Samir Nuriyev, Director of the State Housing Development Agency under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, made his first working visit to the city of Ankara, Turkey, between the 9th and 11th May.

The aim of this visit was to study the considerable expertise of the neighboring country in the construction of low-cost apartment complexes, and to become familiar with the stages of preparation and realization of the State policy in this area.

During the visit, the Delegation of Azerbaijan held meetings with the head and the supervisory board of the Housing Development Administration (TOKI) under the Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic, the Secretary General of the Turkish Contractors’ Union, as well as with the Director of the Research Center of the Middle East Technical University and with professors of urban development and architecture faculties. During the meetings, wide discussions were conducted to study the manner in which Turkey had developed its policy, in the last few decades, to provide low cost apartment complexes for its population. The discussions also included the improvement of the legal issues in the sector. At the same time, initial agreements were reached for the exchange of information about cooperation models between the public and private sectors.

The State Housing Development Agency attaches great importance to learning about international practice in meeting the housing requirements of its population. In order to effectively organize the future activities of the Agency, it is planned to study models applied at global level and use them in its work.

State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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