Selection of the first apartments in Yasamal Residential Complex will be re-organized17/05/2018

Pursuant to the Regulations approved by the Decree of the head of state dated November 16 2016, the sale of the first 260 apartments at Yasamal Residential Complex, the first project of the State Housing Development Agency, was launched on May 7 2018.

The sale of the apartments put up for sale is carried out through the "Affordable Housing" system, integrated into the "E-Government" portal (, of which the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies is the operator.

The "Affordable Housing" electronic system ensures centralized provision of e-services to citizens of the country in obtaining apartments at the disposal of the Agency at a discount. The main purpose of the sale through this system is to create equal conditions for those who want to get apartments, simplify the procedure for selecting and buying apartments, and to ensure transparency and efficiency during reviewing of citizens' applications.

To date, more than 8900 citizens have been granted a personal cabinet in the "Affordable Housing" system.

At the stage of housing selection, which started on May 7 2018, there were problems with access to the system for the majority of people entitled to affordable housing as a result of system overload and some citizens’ encountering technical difficulties when using electronic signatures caused by the massive user entries and operations on the "E-Government" portal.

Furthermore, due to the mistakes recorded in the "Affordable Housing" system, 1963 citizens who were able to enter the system were sent false notifications on housing selection. Although 260 people could sign and approve their housing selection application, the remaining 1703 failed to complete this process as a result of technical problems.

Thus, due to the technical malfunctions, there was an error in the electronic signature procedure and the sequence of housing selection process. A relevant Commission was established at the State Housing Development Agency to investigate and eliminate the reasons for the emergence of technical problems at the stage of selection of apartments. Also, the State Agency for Communications and Information Security of the Special State Protection Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan was addressed to check the said electronic systems and give detailed information about the malfunctions and faults in the selection of affordable houses. In addition, a broad meeting was held with the participation of authorized representatives of relevant bodies and organizations responsible for ensuring the sustainable functioning of the electronic system and reports were delivered.

As a result of the investigation conducted by the Commission, as well as according to the opinions and reports provided it was determined that, temporary inaccessibility of the E-Government portal to mass traffic flow and the technical errors in the "Affordable Housing" system led to the unequal access to housing choice of the system users during the first sale.

Given that the unequal opportunity for the users of the "Affordable Housing" system due to the above mentioned technical malfunctions is contrary to the essential work principles of this electronic system, it was decided to cancel the results of the housing selection phase held on May 7 2018. The selection of 260 apartments located in buildings 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Yasamal Residential Complex will be re-organized in order to ensure fair, transparent and equal conditions for the sale of apartments at the disposal of the Agency. Further information will be provided about the date of the reorganization of housing selection.

At present, the State Housing Development Agency is taking all necessary measures with related organizations to ensure a stable, reliable and safe functioning of the "Affordable Housing" system and the provision of equal selection opportunity to each user of the system.

State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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