State Housing Development Agency held a reporting meeting devoted to the results of its activities in 201719/01/2018

On January 18, 2018, a meeting was held at the administrative building of the State Housing Development Agency under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the results of the last year and the issues ahead.

Samir Nuriyev, director of the Agency, made opening remarks at the meeting and gave detailed information about the main results of the organization's activities during 2017. Noting the successful implementation of the state policy in the social sphere of the country in recent years with the initiative and leadership of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, Samir Nuriyev emphasized that large-scale and consistent actions have been implemented to raise the social welfare of the population and improve the living conditions.

The director of the Agency stated that the Strategic Roadmap on the Development of Affordable Housing Provision in the Republic of Azerbaijan approved by the Decree of the head of state is one of the key documents by which the Agency is governed in the organization of its activities to provide the population with affordable housing in 2017. Mr. Nuriyev, in line with the targets set out in this strategic document, emphasized that during the reporting period, special attention was paid to raising the effectiveness of the Agency and its subordinate body "MIDA" LLC, improving the relevant legislation for this purpose, strengthening the human resources, studying and applying the international practice in the provision of the population with affordable housing. In addition, the year of 2017 was marked by significant events in the construction of multi-apartment buildings and the launch of other new projects by the Agency. In this regard, the first project of the Agency - construction of Yasamal Residential Complex consisting of 1843 apartments has begun and is currently continuing at a rapid pace. The first apartments of the Complex are planned to be presented to future residents this summer. The Complex is expected to complete in 2019. The Agency has also succeeded in establishing an effective cooperation with private investment companies in order to implement an action plan for the "Strategic Roadmap for the Development of Affordable Housing Provision in the Republic of Azerbaijan". According to the results of 3 investment competitions held on the construction of residential houses, set-up of telecommunication infrastructure and design, construction and management of the shopping center within the framework of implementation of Yasamal Residential Complex, about 18 million manats of private investments were attracted.

Last year website of Yasamal Residential Complex was prepared and put into use in order to provide citizens with access to detailed information about the apartments being constructed. With this page distinguished by its ease and functionality, it is possible to get comprehensive information about the Complex, used construction materials and each apartment.

One of the most important events in the Agency's activity is the introduction of the electronic system that enables to register applications of citizens entitled to affordable housing. Applications from citizens entitled to affordable housing has been started to receive through the "Affordable Housing" system set up on the "E-Government" portal, and launched on May 30 2017. Over the past period, more than 7,500 citizens have been granted the right to receive housing through the “Affordable Housing” electronic system and an electronic cabinet has been established for these individuals. Relevant technical works are about to be completed to put into operation the sales module of the "Affordable Housing" system. Upon completion of the relevant tests, sale of the first apartments of Yasamal Residential Complex will be announced, and citizens will be able to choose their apartments through the system.

Moreover, the Agency's Hovsan Residential Complex Project was launched in 2017. On December 24 2017, the groundbreaking ceremony of the first 7-storey residential building of Hovsan Residential Complex was held with the participation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev and First Vice-President Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva. A hospital, school, kindergartens, shopping center and other social welfare facilities will be built and put into operation in the territory of Hovsan Residential Complex, which will be constructed in 20-ha area in Surakhani district of Baku city and which will provide 3002 families with new housing.

During the implementation of housing projects of the Agency, a special attention is paid to the creation of a transport infrastructure that meets the relevant standards to ensure the comfort of future residents. As a result of effective cooperation with the Baku Transport Agency during the reporting period, the design of the project of pedestrian, public and individual traffic movement in Yasamal Residential Complex was provided and its implementation started. Cooperation with Baku Transport Agency in this direction is planned to continue in the future as well.

At the meeting, other officials of the Agency also made reports and gave exhaustive information on the implementation of actions defined by the "Strategic Roadmap for the Development of Affordable Housing Provision in the Republic of Azerbaijan", construction and design, ensuring efficient operation of the "Affordable Housing" system and providing relevant services to citizens, as well as the works carried out in the organization of the activity of "MIDA" LLC in 2017.

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