Next meeting of Supervisory Board of "MIDA" Limited Liability Company was held28/01/2017

On 27.01.2017, the next meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Limited Liability Company "MİDA", which is subordinated to the State Agency for Housing Construction under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, was held.

First on the agenda of the meeting was a report of the Director of "MIDA" LLC on the work done by the Society during the last period. The report mainly deals with the design and construction of the first project of the State Agency for Housing Construction - Yasamal Residential Complex, as well as the apartments, which are to be constructed by the order of the head of the state dated 16.11.2016, at the disposal of "MIDA" LLC. This includes preparations for sale and some other organizational issues.

Within the framework of the event, the main directions of the future development of "MIDA" LLC in 2017 were approved by the Supervisory Board, and the Society was tasked with the preparation and implementation of the action plan. One of the priorities was the provision of effective functioning of the electronic system "Affordable Housing", which will be put into operation on May 1 of the current year. At the same time, it was emphasized that public awareness of the right to housing with privileges, registration process, required documents and terms of payment was of particular importance, and relevant instructions were given in this regard. At the same time, it was noted that the level of satisfaction of the applicants was one of the main quality indicators of the work of "MIDA" LLC and the issues related to the organization of the services provided to the citizens according to the relevant standards. Also, several decisions have been made by the Supervisory Board regarding the organization of the internal audit department, as well as evaluating the results of a quotation survey of the company for auditing the financial and economic activity of the MMC in 2016. “PraysvoterhausKupers Audit Azerbaijan” has been appointed as an external auditor of the “MIDA”.


State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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