Questions of citizens wishing to have a discounted apartment will be answered at defined ASAN Service centers07/03/2017

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of 16 November 2016 "On Some Issues Related to the Activities of the State Agency for Housing Construction under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan" the establishment of the electronic system "Affordable Housing" is expected to be put into operation on May 1, 2017.

In order to expand the public services provided electronically, the apartments at the disposal of "MIDA" Limited Liability Company under the subordination of the Agency, have the right to receive applications in the process of obtaining citizens' concessionary benefits.  This “Affordable Housing system” is an electronic system that will ensure the convenience of citizens in choosing housing, as well as minimizing transparency and human factor.

In order to ensure the convenience of the citizens through the "Affordable Housing" electronic system, the main principles of the system and answering questions will be available at Baku “ASAN Service” centers 1, 3 and 5, as well as the Sumgayit "ASAN service" centers.

This additional service for citizens is provided through the website of the State Agency for Housing Construction and its subordinate “MİDA” LLC (,, as well as information work on relevant pages like “Facebook” and “YouTube” to be carried out in parallel.

At the Baku "ASAN Service" centers 1, 3 and 5 as well as Sumgayit ASAN service center, questions regarding the categories of persons entitled to housing, the "Affordable Housing" electronic system, and other issues related to citizens will be answered.

Aditionally, this service will be provided to citizens through the "Call Center" of “ASAN Service”. They will be able to answer the questions by calling "108" free of charge from any station in the country without visiting the "ASAN service" centers.

Currently, work on the preparation of the electronic system's regulationis continuing. The "Affordable Housing" system, which will run at the "E-Government" portal ( from May 1, 2017, will have 2 stages in order to ensure discounted access to the apartments at "MİDA" LLC:

In the first stage, the electronic system will provide registration of the citizen's application and will create the personal electronic cabinet of the citizen when it is confirmed that it belongs to the relevant category. The owner of the electronic cabinet has the right to get a discounted flat.

At the 2nd stage, along with announcements that can be found in the media about the sale of apartments, citizens will receive notifications through the personal e-cabinet in order to choose from the residential complex where apartments are located as well as view the interior of buildings and apartments – all in a virutal way.

Upon the launch of the "Affordable Housing" system on May 1, 2017, "MIDA" LLC representatives will provide information support for the creation of a personal electronic cabinet for the citizens of corresponding categories at "ASAN Service" centers.

According to the Order approved by Decree No. 1113 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated November 16, 2016, persons belonging to the following categories have the right to obtain affordable housing.

  1. Member of martyr families (husbandwife, children);
  2. National Hero (himselfherself, husbandwife, children);
  3. Refugee or person equal to himher;
  4. Person employed in state entities for more than 3 years, including person employed in special civil service;
  5. Person employed as a teacher for at least 5 years by public schools;
  6. Person with PhD academic degree;
  7. Person with special achievements in sports (honorary physical and sport trainers, winner of competitions within country (I place), persons rewarded in international competitions (I, II and II places);
State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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