"MIDA" and "AzInTelecom" signed a cooperation agreement to ensure the efficient operation of the "Affordable housing" electronic system20/04/2017

"MİDA" LLC, subordinated to the State Agency for Housing Construction under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, commences cooperation with “AzInTelecom” LLC, which operates under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

According to the agreement concluded between the two agencies, "MIDA" will use the server services of the “AzIntelecom” Regional Data Center.

The opening ceremony was the 5th of December last year with the participation of the President of the country, Mr Ilham Aliyev, who has paid great attention and care to the communications and high technologies sector. The Data Center has been awarded the international certificate “TIER III”, which meets new and modern world standards. The Center operates on a base of the most recent technical data, providing comprehensive IT services at the country and region level.

In accordance with the instructions of President Ilham Aliyev on expanding the use of services of local companies, the technical support of the Regional Data Center "MİDA", which is managed by the State Agency for Housing, will use for the first time in Azerbaijan.

In pursuance of the agreement signed with “AzIntelecom” LLC, in order to ensure the implementation of paragraph 3 of the Decree No. 1113 of the Presidential Decree of 16 November 2016, starting from May 1, 2017, the "E-Government" portal will launch the "Affordable Housing" system which will benefit from the possibilities of the required technical equipment of the "MİDA" LLC Regional Data Center.

The modern technology offered by the Data Center will create the conditions for efficient operation of the electronic system "Affordable Housing" as well as the provision of high quality services and comfort to citizens applying for housing. One of the main advantages of the Data Center is the uninterrupted provision of secure data included in the "discounted housing" electronic system. At the same time, risks associated with loss of information will be minimized and technical exploitation will be achieved through a reliable infrastructure of technical equipment installation. This, in turn, will save on other financial expenses and time losses.

The data center of “AzInTelecom” offers solutions called "Infrastructure Service" ("IaaS") based on cloud technologies (virtual network, virtual storage, virtual infrastructure, "backup" and so on). "IaaS" services aimed at optimization of budget expenditures and automation of management have already attracted the attention of many local and foreign companies. In this regard, it is very progressive to sign a contract for placement of a database of the "Affordable Housing" system of "MİDA" LLC under the State Agency for Housing Construction, based on the principles of stable and sustainable development, in the Data Center of “AzInTelecom”. Collaboration with the Data Center will help reduce costs and will also contribute to the sustainability of the business.

At the same time, an agreement was signed between "MIDA" LLC and "AzDataCom" network, which is subordinated to the Ministry of Transport, Communication and High Technologies in order to ensure the representation of the "Affordable Housing" system in the e-government portal.

Commencement of parallel cooperation with both subordinate organizations under the Ministry of Transportation, Communication and High Technologies will enable the establishment of an "affordable housing" electronic system at the appointed time, as well as to create a reliable and sustainable infrastructure.

State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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