The list of documents required for obtaining affordable housing has been defined28/04/2017

Preparatory works for the launching of the "Affordable Housing" electronic system, which will be created at the E-Government portal, will be completed to ensure discounted access to apartments at the disposal of "MIDA" Limited Liability Company.

The list of documents to be submitted by citizens entitled to obtain affordable housing with a result of effective cooperation with relevant government agencies over the past period has been clarified. At the same time, measures have been taken to integrate relevant databases with the "Affordable Housing" system to ensure the convenience of the citizens by minimizing the time of inspection by relevant agencies.

These documents are grouped by categories of persons entitled to housing and are placed on the website of "MİDA" LLC, which is subordinate to the Agency. A list of the categories and list of the documents required for each category can be found on the homepage of website, which can be found in the section entitled, "WHO CAN BUY AFFORBALE HOUSING" and "REQUIRED DOCUMENTS" links.

Aceptance of relevant documents of citizens entitled to concessional apartments at the disposal of "MIDA" LLC will be started after the approval of the "Affordable Housing" electronic system charter. Additional information on the date of receipt of documents will be provided.


State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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