The report of a meeting held bythe State Agency for Housing Construction devoted to the results of its activities for the first 6 months of 2017.13/07/2017

A meeting on the results of the work done in the first half of 2017 to ensure that the country's citizens improve their living conditions and have a flat on discounted terms at the State Agency for Housing Construction under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan was succesfully held on July 13, 2017, under the leadership of Mr. Ilham Aliyev.

Samir Nuriyev, director of the State Agency for Housing Construction, made an introductory speech at the event and gave detailed information about the results of the Agency's activity and the upcoming tasks during the last six months of the year. Samir Nuriyev noted that the solution of socio-economic issues in our country is a major part of the policy of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and he emphasized the importance of implementing large-scale measures to strengthen the social protection of the population. The director of the agency reported that important work has been done in the first half of 2017 to cover the needs of the country's citizens in residential areas and receive housing on discounted terms.

Samir Nuriyev said that in the first six months of this year the construction of Yasamal Residential Complex (the first project of the Agency) was organized and rapidly continued to improve the living conditions of the citizens of the country. The complex’s foundation was laid on 24.12.2016  with the participation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev and the First Vice President of the country Mehriban Aliyeva. Construction is up to the 8th floor of the first 9-story residential building, and the construction of the 3-story secondary school building is to be completed soon. Both of these buildings are planned to be fully handed over in the summer of 2018. Construction of Yasamal Housing Complex, consisting of 29 residential buildings, is currently being implemented in parallel with the construction of 25 engineering and communication networks, including electricity, water, gas supply, and sewage.

At the same time, the State Agency for Housing Construction under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan which has been approved by Presidential Decree No.1138 dated 06.12.2016, has started to cooperate with private construction and investment companies in accordance with the targets set out in the "Strategic Road Map on Housing Provision for Affordable Housing in the Republic of Azerbaijan".

Thus, construction of 3 residential buildings, as well as communication, television and internet lines is happening within the framework of the Yasamal Rural Housing Project and investment incentives for providing relevant services in this field. It is expected that more than 11 million manat of private investments will be attracted within the public-private partnership with selected investors. One of the 3 buildings to be built by one of the investors will be handed over to “MİDA” LLC to offer their apartments on discounted terms and the sale of the other two buildings will be carried out by the investor. The second investor will provide communication lines to Yasamal Residential Complex and create appropriate communication infrastructure on the territory of the residential area.

Preparation of urban planning substantiation (master plan) of Hovsan Residential Complex, which is the second project of the State Agency for Housing Construction, and the 20 hectare land area allocated to "MİDA" LLC by the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 22.02.2017, has been completed and the preparation of project-estimate documents and the tender procedure is about to be completed.

The implementation of another important project of the Agency began with the approval of Decree No 1418 Statute of the President on "Affordable Housing" system on 24.05.2017 . Starting from 30.05.2017, the Electronic Government portal launched the "Affordable Housing" electronic system and the process of receiving citizens' applications was started.  The "Affordable Housing" electronic system provides for real-time, uniform, and publicly available registration of citizens' appeals at the disposal of the State Agency for Housing Construction under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Over the past period, 5797 applications have been submitted and registered in the "Electronic government" portal, 5376 citizens belonging to the relevant categories have been approved, and electronic cabinets has been established for those persons.

For the convenience of citizens, applications were also received at the appropriate “ASAN service” centers, as well as received electronically, with the aim of responding to questions about the use of the "Affordable Housing" electronic system, as well as help in creating an electronic cabinet to register the application.

In addition to the Director of the Agency, other officials of the organization who compiled the six-month report also participated in the process of registering persons entitled to housing at discounted rates, ensuring the effective functioning of the electronic system "Affordable Housing", the construction of the Yasamal Residential Complex and development cities, and gave detailed information on the work done in the field of architecture and planning.


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