MIDA and BNA presented a joint project of the Yasamal Residential Complex on transport issues.30/11/2017

State Agency for Housing Construction under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Baku Transport Agency under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan has presented a joint project.

 As a result of the effective cooperation between the two structures, the first project of the State Agency for Housing Construction has started the work on organizing the movement of vehicles and pedestrians in the Yasamal Residential Complex.

The main purpose of the State Agency for Housing Construction is the construction of multistoried residential buildings, improving the living conditions of the citizens of the country, and creating the necessary conditions for the comfort of residents. At the same time, the activities of the Baku Transport Agency, which regulates the passage and control of passenger traffic, cover the transportation system and infrastructure in the capital with modern requirements, as well as the safe and comfortable movement of residents and guests of the city.

The joint project of the Baku Transport Agency and the State Agency for Housing Construction is to ensure comfortable, unobstructed and safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles in accordance with European standards and, most importantly, modern urbanization principles within the Yasamal Rural Housing Complex, consisting of 11.6 hectares and 1843 apartments. While preparing the project, the requirements and features of all pedestrians (including elderly, disabled and children) as well as all kinds of vehicles (bicycles, motorcycles, taxis, buses and trucks) were taken into account.

According to the project, streets to be built within the campus will be divided into functional zones, many of which are a novelty for the city of Baku. Thus, to be built in the residential complex are a separate road for cycling next to the roads, a special intermediate distance between pedestrian traffic and the building, a technical stripes, a green stripe, and stripes of mixed purpose. At the same time, corresponding parking areas will be provided to all buildings in accordance with the traffic movement. As a result, only technical service provider and  quick-operative cars will be allowed to enter in the courtyards of the buildings.

Ramps and bicycle paths are also available for persons with disabilities at all road intersections. Along with the bike paths, bicycle stands are also planned to be installed. Yasamal Living Complex Metro Route lines in 4 directions are also intended to be made. The route lines, which will move along the metro stations "Elmlər Akademiyası",  "Ganjlik", 4th Microdistrict, Lokbatan Transport Exchange Center, and Sadarak Shopping Center, will allow residents to reach their apartments on time.

Yasamal Housing Complex plans to carry out proposals on transport issues in the future in the entire capital, as well as in other large residential areas of the country.

State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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