Samir Nuriyev: long term payment system will be developed to buy flats at preferential terms15/07/2016

Exclusive interview with Samir Nuriyev, Director of the State Housing Development Agency under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, by the AZERTAC News Agency.

On July 10, the Head of our State whilst speaking at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the outcomes of social and economic outcomes and the tasks assigned for the first half of 2016 under his chairmanship and noting the start of activities of the State Housing Development Agency, has underlined that the practical steps will soon be made to build low-cost flats. The Agency’s Director, Samir Nuriyev, has given this exclusive interview with AZERTAC about the work carried out in this sector.

- At what stage today are we organizing the work of the Agency?

- The work aimed at organizing the activities of the Agency and the MIDA Limited Liability Company in its subordination is almost completed. The main part of the Agency’s staff is recruited, and the necessary administrative issues are being solved. The Agency is already taking the necessary measures to organize the construction of these flats. First of all, these steps envisage the selection of construction sites for the buildings, project work and planning of the construction operations, and the creation of a sustainable financial model to offer the flats on the basis of long term preferential terms.

President Ilham Aliyev is giving special attention to the project to ensure the construction of the low cost apartments, and the provision of them to low income families on preferential terms. His support for the work of the Agency is creating the conditions for the rapid and successful implementation of the project. At the same time, it sets new tasks for us whilst further increasing our responsibility. The Agency will ensure the proper fulfillment of these tasks and the execution of the defined aims.

- Are sites already allocated for the construction of low cost apartments?

- There is a major ongoing progress in the selection of suitable sites for the construction of these apartment complexes. Recently, specialists of the Agency have inspected many sites in various parts of Baku city, and some of those sites have been judged as suitable for the construction of low cost apartments, following their evaluation against different criteria. Whilst selecting the sites, initial consideration is given to the development factors of the city. At the same time, the proximity of these sites to business centers and the presence of transport, engineering and communication facilities have also been reviewed as major contributory factors. Currently, the process of obtaining these sites is underway with the preparation for commencing the planned work. Similarly, as well as in the capital city, inspections have also been conducted in sites offered in Ganja, Sumgayit, Lenkoran, Masally and Shamkir cities. The first evaluation is also done.

- What matters will be in focus whilst constructing the projected buildings?

- The projecting and construction of ecologically friendly, energy efficient apartment complexes in modern architectural styles to improve the housing situation of the population will be realized in accordance with the urban development norms and legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and take into account the leading international relevant experience. Residential buildings in selected sites will be built in the form of apartment complexes and community centers. As well as apartment complexes, there will also be all that is required for the high living standards of the residents. There will be large courtyards in line with norms, green zones, children’s playgrounds, and social infrastructure (such as school, kindergartens etc.) associated relevant facilities will also be built. At the same time, a particular attention will be paid to the external look and façade of the buildings at the project stage. One of the tasks assigned to the project developers is related to the multi-functionality of the buildings, the balance between their esthetic look and modernity, by taking into account the natural and local specifications of the large residential buildings and mansions, built in the past, and situated nearby.

Immediately after the completion of the project work, the construction of the low cost apartment complexes will commence. To obtain the necessary financing, the Agency has presented a financial outlook report and budget for the next 3 years to the relevant government departments. At the same time, we study the interest of investors in these construction projects, and review the possibility of their involvement in this work.

- What format is planned for offering these apartments on long and preferential terms to low income families?

- In creating and financing the long term payment system to enable citizens to, in the future, buy these apartments on preferential terms, the Agency is already conducting joint work with the relevant State authorities. According to the instruction of President Ilham Aliyev, the Azerbaijani Mortgage Fund Open Joint-Stock Company is expected in this case to be the main source of finance. The representation of the State Housing Development Agency in the Supervisory Board of the Azerbaijani Mortgage Fund OJSC, in accordance with the Decree recently signed by the Head of State, will help to ensure the sustainable and coordinated functioning of the system which has been established. Also, the opportunities for close cooperation with the State-owned banks are also being studied to ensure the availability of long term financing.

- In your opinion, how will the work carried out within the framework of the Agency’s activities contribute to the national economy?

- As you know, the construction sector has developed rapidly in Azerbaijan in the last 10 years. The construction projects implemented in the country, financed by both local and foreign investments, are clear examples.

I think that the Agency’s activities will impact positively on the development of the construction sector, including the production of construction materials and equipment: they will stimulate the fields of its application and use, ensure the creation of new jobs and contribute greatly to make this sector more attractive to investors. All of these, in their turn, will impact positively on the country’s industrial potential.

State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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