The State Housing Development Agency reveals the territory of the first settlement to be constructed01/08/2016

The State Housing Development Agency, under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, launched its first project to enable the country’s citizens to own flats on preferential terms.

The territory of the first development is already defined. The first flats that will be built to improve the housing conditions of citizens will be located on a site of 11.6 h, located near the external ring road in the Yasamal district of Baku city. On the basis of the decision adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers, the said site is now at the disposal of MIDA LLC, acting as the customer for the construction of apartment houses and being subordinate to the Agency.

During the selection of sites, where the construction of flats on preferential terms is planned for citizens, all necessary criteria are considered to match the best living facilities for the occupants. The construction site of the first low cost apartments is located in an ecologically friendly, safe and favorable part of the city. It is located next to a green zone of nearly 5 h, composed of pine trees. At the same time, the proximity of the selected site to the main business centers of the capital will make it possible to access work locations without wasting a lot of time. For this purpose, the transport system that will be newly organized at the location of the development and its integration into the Baku city existing transport lines are also envisaged within the project.

As well as apartment houses in the development, it is also planned to create relevant social infrastructure (such as a school, kindergarten etc.) and commission other social and service facilities to meet the requirements of the citizens.

The document on Urban Development Planning is to be completed soon, in order to start the construction of apartment houses on the selected sites. The development of the project will start soon for the construction to start immediately for its realization as the projected work completes. The process of receiving the technical terms from relevant governmental structures concerning the engineering and communication systems has already started. The buildings to be constructed will have a complete package of communication services necessary for living. According to the preliminary estimates, the development will consist of almost 2 thousand flats.

The Agency undertakes all the necessary measures to properly perform all these tasks to ensure low cost flats for citizens and to successfully implement this project.

State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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