Message from the Chairman of the Board

Thank you for surfing the web page of the State Housing Development Agency!

The main objective of the State Housing Development Agency is to meet the housing needs of the country’s citizens, improve their housing conditions, to ensure the construction of ecologically friendly and energy efficient apartment complexes in modern architectural styles and to upgrade State policy in urban development and construction. It is indeed a matter of great pride and responsibility for us to fulfill the tasks assigned to service the interests of the relevant social groups of the population by participating in the realization of the State policy defined by Mr. Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Amongst such tasks, we can underline in particular our readiness to create every single opportunity to ensure the effectiveness and high quality of the work within the construction projects, assign a glamorous look, modernity and national architectural moods to the buildings and bring in all the necessary conditions for the comfort of citizens to live in new housing compounds, and commissioning large courtyards, green zones, children’s playgrounds and other social infrastructure in line with urban development norms. At the same time, we perceive as one of the Agency’s primordial tasks to set up a long term payment system and open up financing possibilities for citizens to buy their future flats at preferential terms.

Laying down the principles of transparency, integrity and justice as cornerstones of its work, the State Housing Construction Agency brings you detailed information on its activities via our web page. It will help you, not only to find answers to your questions, but also provide data about the execution phases of relevant projects, and provide information about our prospective plans.

Sadig Sadıgov
The Chairman of the Board 
of the State Housing Development Agency 
of the Republic of Azerbaijan

State Housing Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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